Secondary Oriental Augmentation Rhinoplasty


¡iAbstract¡jSecondary oriental augmentation rhinoplasty is more difficult than primary augmentation rhinoplasty, because of tissue fibrosis¡Bscar contracture¡Bloss of shape of original nose¡Bpossible tip-skin thinning and distortion of certain nasal structures.

To achieve an ideal nose with long-term safety in secondary oriental augmentation rhinoplasty¡Amy basic techinique includes:(1) preoperative evaluation of nose with digital image analysis to make sure the real problems and the right way to correct ;(2) open approach to obtain good exposure so that precise reconstructive surgery can be applied; (3)Tip augmentation with cartilage grafts to achieve adequate tip projection without the risk of skin perforation;(4)Dorsal augmentation with silicone prosthesis to obtain smooth nasal dorsum of proper height .

with the above method¡Bproper selection of implants and precise skillful sculpture , I believe that most secondary oriental augmentation rhinoplasty can be successfully performed with satisfactory results.